Free Weight Loss Tips: 4 Positive Ways To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

In order to lose weight successfully, you first have to realize that losing weight is a journey with a specific destination. Right now, you’re at the very beginning and about to take the first step towards changing your eating and lifestyle habits, so that you can have the body you really want. Of course, this isn’t going to be easy – nothing worthwhile ever is. You should pat yourself on the back for making a commitment to yourself that you’re finally ready to do this. So many people can’t even make it this far. So, in a sense, you’re already ahead of the game. Your goal should be to lose one or two pounds a week, if you lose more than that, great, but don’t push for it. You want to stay mentally focused, healthy and determined. If you push too hard, or try to force your body to lose big numbers, then you’ll eventually stress yourself out and hit a wall that may lead to failure. Here’s some suggestions that you can use to create a successful weight loss plan: Set a Reasonable Goal Your first step should be to decide how much weight you want to lose. Get some 3×5 index cards and write one goal or positive statement down on each one. Start by writing down your ideal weight, this is your ultimate big goal. Next, you want to set smaller goals for yourself. Write down a goal for losing five pounds, then ten pounds, twenty pounds, etc. Write down some positive motivational statements about yourself. “I love myself unconditionally” “I’m a great person inside and outside” “I’m going to smile and laugh today” “I deserve this and I’m worth it” Keep these cards where you’ll be able to look at them every day. Eat Smaller Portions More Often Growing up you were probably taught to eat three meals a day. You were also probably taught to clean your plate. While this schedule of eating meals is well-intentioned, the fact is that you are going to get hungry between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. Not only are you probably having a large portion for each meal, but you are also snacking on junk food in between. Unfortunately, this way of eating leads to a lot of weight gain. It’s been proven that if you eat several small meals during the day, you won’t get hungry between meals and when you do, it’s easier to snack on something that has less calories. Plan to eat five small meals a day, instead of three, and see if that helps to curb your food cravings. Keep a Food Journal Just like a diary is a snippet of events that happen in your life, a food journal helps you to keep track of what you’re really putting into your mouth on a daily basis. You probably have a mental picture of what you normally eat, but when you see it in writing, you may be surprised at all the extra foods you’re eating without even thinking about it. Write down what you ate, what time you ate it, and how you felt when you ate that particular food. Sometimes when we eat certain “comfort foods” we’re really trying to use food to fill up an emotional hole in our hearts. Feelings of loneliness, boredom, stress, anger and low-self esteem are often triggers for food binging. Write it down and you can go back and evaluate it later. Treat Yourself When you reach one of your weight loss goals, go ahead and treat yourself to something special. The only catch is that your reward cannot be a food item. That’s right, you will not have a bowl of ice cream or a big slice of pizza. You want to mentally get away from thinking of food as a reward or a security blanket. So, think of some other things that will put a smile on your face. Money is always a good reward. Maybe you can create a reward jar and pay yourself five dollars for every milestone achieved. You could go on a nice shopping spree after you’ve reached your final goal weight. You could also buy yourself some fresh flowers, a nice pair of earrings, a new video game, a new tie, etc. Another great idea is to make up your own reward coupon books. I hope these tips are helpful and that you are successful in creating a healthier and happier new you.

10 Tips to Great Weight Loss Results With Acai Berry Weight Loss Diet

As we known, losing weight is not an easy task, especially if you have already gained a large amount of pounds which are hard to shed. What’s harder is trying out the best and effective fad diets, supplement, pills and vitamins in the market. Acai Berry is the nature’s superfood to help boost your energy and to keep fit and slim. Below are 10 great weight loss tips when apply the acai berry diet: 1. Adapt yourself to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Water helps the body in flushing out fats and impurities. Apart from water, you can also drink green or herbal tree as these drinks serve the same effects as water to wash out waste from your body. 2. Divide your meals into smaller more frequent meals. This strategy will help accelerate your metabolism rate and it will also prevent you from getting hungry between meals. Eating five to six smaller meals have been treated by most experts as an quick, effective and easy weight loss solution. 3. Eat a large amount of vegetables and fresh fruits. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are vital to the normal functioning of our body. Fresh fruits are rich in Vitamins A, C, E which effectively improve the body in enhancing its immune functions and nourish life to the skin, making it younger and more beautiful. 4. Reduce your protein and fat consumption. Stay away from eating too much pork. 25 grams of pork per day is already sufficient. 5. Develop a healthy exercise routine of about 30 minutes per day, try to work out your body by jogging, going to the gym or even by just merely playing with your kids. You can also choose the ways of cleaning the house or washing the car, as long as you keep your body moving. 6. Develop a hobby or a pastime that will keep your hands busy. It is an easy and fast weight loss technique as this can divert your food cravings to other worthwhile activities. 7. Refrain from eating late night snacks. Do not eat at least a couple of hours before going to bed. When you sleep, your metabolism slows down and eating midnight snacks, especially junk foods, will only accumulate fats and calories that will increase your body weight. 8. Listen and be kind to your body. Obey your body and submit to its needs. Eat when you are hungry, rest when you feel tired and relax when you feel stressed. 9. Increase the fiber intake to your body. 10. Undergo regular body detoxification. Be kind to your body by staying away from harmful toxins and chemicals. Cleaning the body is an essential quick and easy weight loss strategy. Your body gets filled up with pesticides, insecticides, lead, and other harmful substances. These harmful substances block the internal organs and your body will react by over-coating these substances with countless layers of fats.